Kindness Crew

The Kindness Crew has replaced Student Council. It is intended for students in grades 1-4. Each month every teacher in grades 1-4 select one student from their class to be on Kindness Crew for the month. That student is selected because he/she demonstrated positive behavior, were respectful, and were helpful/kind to his/her classmates during the previous month. 

Kindness Crew has two meetings during the month with Mrs. Nantz to discuss and plan fun activities that promote kindness and belonging in our school, develop leadership behaviors, and improve positive communication. KC gives all new-enrollee students tours of the building, they start a handshake morning routine in their class, and leave compliments once a week on the board. The Kindness Crew also helps with whatever other activities are going on that month i.e. community service projects, Christmas program, Spirit Days, etc. Third and fourth grade members perform the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning and help with concessions.